Wham Bam!

by The Lazy Boys

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released January 1, 2011


all rights reserved



The Lazy Boys Dresden, Germany

The Lazy Boys’ music is best described as a blend of Rock ’n’ Roll and Country, with a hint of dirty Blues. For more than ten years they have successfully toured through clubs in Germany, England and even the USA, amassing over 600 shows, as well as recording three studio albums. The new Album "Get A Life" will be in stores in fall 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Bitch

It took awhile to find out you where cheating
itb took awhile to realize you lie
i thought you were my gal no i no that i been wrong
quiet honbestly i have to say good bye

i don´t wanna see you no more
i don´t wanna hang around
with a girl that knows most every man in town

when i met you i fell in love reall quickly
i thought you felt the same but now i know
you played an evil game
all the thinks you said were lies
i guess no it´s the time for me to go
theres a lot of pretty women here and everywhere
no reason to be sad no i don´t care

if you ever comin back i wont be waitin
better stay away i dont want you no more
baby listen carefully one thing is for sure
your nothin but a cheater, little whore
to find a better girl takes a day or maybe two
i just wanna let you know that we are through
Track Name: Crush On You
I Got A Crush On You

sweet li´l mom i got a crush on you
it´s drivin me insane and i don´t know what to do
i went to church on sunday
i thought i´d see a light
jesus didn´t tell me
they light did not shine bright
noone had an answer
how to make my love come true
sweet li´l mom i got i crush on you

i run around in circles
it´s drivin me insane
i´d climb the highest mountains
to see you once again
i´d buy a bunch of roses
i´ll bring em to your door
i´ll sing a little love song
i´ll be beggin on the door

sweet li´l mom i got a crush on you
it´s drivin me insane and i don´t know what to do
i went to madam ruth
down on 34th and wine
to ask for just a little
love potion number nine
the store i thought it would be
there´s closed long time ago
sweet li´l mom i got i crush on you

i can´t afford the diamonds
that´d fit you oh so well
but i can write a love song
i got something to tell
i know i´m not a rich man
but i got love to spare
whenever you will need me
baby i´ll be there
Track Name: Wham Bam!

Whambam thank u mam
It was a pleasure to meet you there
Whambam thank you mam but for you future I won´t care
Wambam thank you mam
Thank you for the night
Whambam thank you mam but now I say good bye

I met that girl in a suburb bar she looked so sad and blue
I went up to her and asked her what she´s gonna do
I asked her if she wanted a drink, a hug and little more
She said oh well that’s fine with me so we´ve been dancing on the floor

Later in the evening we took a walk outside
The night was dark and the stars above and the moon shined all so bright
She told me that she wants me and I did not complain
We went to my house but this morn she said she wants to meet again

Now listen to my story
Now that I got wise
if you wanna stay relaxed and cool
here is my advice
whenever you might see a girl who wants more than a night
try to run cause otherwise
only she´ll be satisfied
Track Name: Nighttime Shuffle
Come on sweet mama let me take you out
you been workin all week now its time to spend
all the money lets have a time
i´m in a mood lets kick every dime
theres no need to worry
tonights the night
lets call it a saturday night fish fry

lets have a party, come on lets have a ball
no matter is jive, boogie or rock&roll
lets do the chicken, lets do the stroll
honey let´s loose control

i been workin all week from 9 to 5
sometimes it makes me wonder how i survive
is the same ol story, the same ol game
workin all day drives a man insane
but lets forget about that
lets have a ball
from-a-dusk til-a-dawn
thats about all

see da queen in red, see da king in blue
both are workin as a dog the same as you
but on fridays the dress up all so fine
feels so good to go back in time
the yforget about sorrow and havin a ball
keep on dancin an drinkin
before the last call
Track Name: Time 2 Leave
Time 2 Leave

I gotta go
im outta here
i gotta run
i´ll dissappear
i gotta hit the road
all way down the line
i gotta go
no need to stay
i gotta go i´m on my way
C Dm G7 C
my world caved in there´s nothin more to say

when i came to you one hour ago
a bunch of roses in my hand
Dm G7
you and i, all love was in my mind
i realized you´re not alone
somebody else was in your room
Dm F C
it looks about 4 weeks i´ve been just blind

a week ago you said you´d love me
you promised me you would be true
well that´s just great i thought , what fool i am
i trusted you and all your lies
i guess we´re done now i got wise
listen i won´t bother you again

i pray to god make me abird
so i could fly up to the sun
it was the toughest moment i´ve been trough
ain´t no happy love affair
same liers, cheaters everywhere
i´ve been rushed off my feet because of you
Track Name: Migrant Bird
If I could fly like a bird
A F#m
I´d fly a million miles all the way to you
D E E7 A A7
To hold you in my arms like so many times before
but i´m on the road for a long time
A F#m
everynight we play in another town
And every single night
The last whisky takes me home

A F#m
Another town another stage another crowd another bar
D E E7 A
Another headache in the morn and the smell of cigarettes another day spend in the car
A F#m
Another 700 miles white lines drivin you insane

Pit stop coffee burger French fries, it sucks but babe I don´t complain
Track Name: Midnight Pain
They told me they have seen
some other guy with you
I thought they tried to fool me
but I found out it´s true
Last nite I´ve seen you dancing
he held you all so tight
And I felt like dying
in the middle of the nite
Oooh ooohhooo in the middle of the nite
Once again I go away
I swear no women bring me down
I trusted you and now I see
I´m not the only one for you in town

I know for sure I love you
now and everytime
I can´t believe your cheating
on me please tell me why
You´ve been my one and only
in the whole wide land
But you have been untrue babe
it´s hard to understand
Oooohooohhoooo its hard to understand

I take another cigarett
And then I say goodbuy
Get myself another gal
I promisse you won´t see me cry
Track Name: Devilish

i came here to tell you a little storie tonight
about a thing that happened while i was drivin around
i was motorvatin no idea where to go
when i saw that little chicken at the side of the raod
she was leaning on the car with a wide open hood
and i stopped to offer help, well i was sure that i could

she said hello mister would you help me please
i guess the battery is low its such a desease
i cant afford a brand new car
theres not enough dough in the money jar
so i gotta keep riding that olmustang car

well, as you can imagine i told her i could
bring her to the next shop right outside of the wood
and when i took the towing rope outa my car
i turned around and you will not believe what i saw
she was lifting her shirt and she was doin so fine
she was handlin that towing rope of mine

now to my shame i have to admitt
i lost my controll when the hammer hit
me right between the eyes didnt here it come
when i woke up not to my surprise my car was gone
i was standing all alone not knwoing what to do
the girl was gone and my caddilac too

i gotta tell you never stop on the road
better call the patrol instead of loosin controll
you never know but the girl on the side
might be devilish in disguise
better be aware it might be wrong to be nice

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